Window graphics

Window signs Dundee

Interior and exterior window graphics in Dundee’s Hilltown.

Window graphics are a valuable tool to promote your business. As well as a means to obscure vision and light. With a range of adhesive materials in various decorative finishes, graphics on your windows can also become part of your interior design.

Hand lettered windows

Gold leaf signwriting Dundee
Gold leaf on glass for Goodfellow and Steven in Broughty Ferry

Traditional signwriting on glass displays an unparalleled charm, hard to capture with adhesive vinyl graphics.

Hand lettering is also a popular choice for transoms above front doors. Especially suited for historic buildings. Painted names and numbers with various effects such as shadows, outlines, and blends add character to your home and office.

For extra eye appeal, consider choosing gold leaf. Reverse glass gilding is an art that adds class to your glass.

Or for larger window projects, hand painted graphics are often preferred and add a human touch.

Window graphics for advertising

Window graphics Arbroath

Shopfront windows are an underused and underestimated form of direct advertising for businesses.

In busy retail streets, eye-level advertising has a higher chance of attracting passers-by than a sign above your door. Your business name or logo immediately identifies who you are. Similarly, short product descriptions can draw potential customers inside.

Rows of panes of glass have an even better chance of getting your message across, especially in front of parking bays.

Vinyl graphics can be large and loud or understated. Window graphics designs can be incorporated into signage around your shopfront or state your open hours and contact details.

With options for removable and repositionable materials, your window graphics can be short term too. Ask about options for non-adhesive graphics which leave no gum or mess behind.

Window graphics for decoration

Glass graphics Dundee

Transform your glass panes into a piece of art. Turn transparent glass into colour. Combine glass decoration with your business advertising and create more impact.

Digitally printed graphics are suited for photographs, colour fades, and complex imagery cut to shape. Opaque and semi opaque coloured vinyl can also be cut out and applied for floral and decorative effects.

Vinyl films are also available with a range of subtle patterns. The material is applied in segments (like wallpaper) on large panes of glass, tastefully added to compliment your interior spaces.

Window graphics for safety

Contravision graphics Dundee
Digitally printed perforated vinyl applied to a door pane

Adding vinyl graphics to glass facades is sometimes necessary for safety. More so on sliding and revolving doors. However, these needn’t be obtrusive.

Small cut shapes or stripes in etched glass vinyl are visible and understated. Consider using your logo too. Etched effect vinyl is available in a small selection of colours and finishes, in addition to crystal effects. Or go big and bold with photographs and colour.

Privacy film for windows

Privacy film for glass Dundee

Entire panes or portions of your windows can be made opaque or partially seen through. These are popular for office windows and glass walls. Consider adding a decorative design too.

One way vision film can also be applied to glass. Allowing vision through one side of the pane whilst obscuring vision from the opposite side.

With a vast range of colours, transparencies, and finishes, privacy vinyl film needn’t be bland.

One way vision vinyl for windows in Dundee

One way vision vinyl

One way vision vinyl is a perforated film suitable for exterior application. The adhesive side is usually black, enabling one to see through the vinyl. The opposite side can be white or digitally printed with colour and/or graphics.

Perforated vinyl is often used on vehicles, especially for large format advertising and is highly effective in displaying large photographs on areas of glass.

Blocking out the sun with window film

UV solar film is available in a range of coloured tints and finishes. This vinyl’s engineered to reduce the sun’s rays and diffuse the light flowing through the glass. Typically installed from the interior, it minimises glare and provides varying levels of privacy.

Solar films are manufactured with one way vision properties too. The film is also available in a range of mirror finishes. In effect, turning the exterior side of windows into mirrors.

To conclude, your window graphics will benefit you and your business in various ways. There’s a solution for every brand identity and interior project.

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