Diane’s Frosted Window Film

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Window film decoration offering privacy in the garden

Frosted window film (or etched glass vinyl) is a popular choice for window graphics in Dundee.

The vinyl is often used by businesses and retailers, in addition to glass panes in and around the home. Frosted window film provides privacy and will diffuse light, as well as decorate glass.
This project used the film for both privacy and decoration.

Frosted window film in sunny Dundee

Angela McGouldrick is an interior designer. She contacted me to describe her vision for her friend’s window graphics.
Angela’s friend, Diane, had built a pergola in her back garden. Railings and a wild garden are on the opposite side of the pergola. Window graphics were chosen to disguise what was behind the pergola but still allow light to shine through.

The pergola’s natural wooden finish, citrus trees and surrounding blossoms evoked a Far Eastern feel. With this in mind, the concept was born.

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The pergola window

Let there be light

Angela had found an image of a blossom tree for a main focal point in the garden. She wanted to combine the full colour tree illustration with bamboo shapes. Angela’s idea combined the bamboo shapes stencilled out of the 3m by 2m window. In addition to the full colour blossom tree.

I had to figure out the most efficient way to produce the artwork.

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Beginning the window graphics application process

With a 3m span, there’d be at least two sections of the etched film. The vinyl was installed vertically, like wallpaper. It was important that there were no visible seams in the frosted film because I didn’t want to see the joined vertical edges.

Several design iterations were made to combine the bamboo shapes and the blossom tree.

Applying the window graphics’ layers

Careful positioning of the bamboo ensured there was clear glass on the window graphics. Using three different roll widths of frosted film, the edges of the film landed where the stencilled areas were. In effect, a clear path of glass was made to avoid butted edges of the etched film.

Business graphics for windows in Dundee
White vinyl was applied first as a guide

The big bamboo graphics were positioned on the edges of the frosted film. The white vinyl was my stencil guide and the frosted film would be cut to shape by hand.

Galss frosting supplier in Dundee
The first section of the frosted film

The first section was tacked up into the left edge of the window in order to apply the film vertically straight.

Frosted film is available in different colours, opacities and finishes. I chose a film which would provide enough privacy without blocking out too much light. The finish is similar to sand blasted glass.

Etched window film in Dundee
The second section of frosted film applied

The window graphics were coming to life. Offering privacy in the pergola’s space without blocking light. I began to cut out the bamboo shapes.

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The frosted window film with hand cut stencilled shapes

Now that the etched vinyl was completed, it was time to position the big tree window graphic,

Frosted film window graphics in Dundee
Digitally printed tree graphic with a matt finish

The colourful tree was printed onto permanent vinyl with a matt laminate.

Signature Signs in Dundee printed the graphic and I carefully cut it to shape. The tree was too big to fit within a single roll of vinyl, therefore it was printed in three segments.

Transform your space

Vinyl graphics for windows in Dundee
Bringing a touch of the Far East to window graphics in Dundee

The finished window provides privacy and a focal point for a relaxing garden space.

Interested to see how your home or business space can be transformed with window graphics?

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