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Whether you want the loudest car graphics in Dundee or prefer something subtle, the shape of your vehicle will determine the size, placement, and legibility of your decals.

Your car is a canvas

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Door handles, trims, lights, and badges can obstruct the design of your graphics. As well as the curves of panels. Your car’s finish will influence the colour of the graphics, with metallics often posing challenges for contrasting vinyl colours. All of these factors should be considered for how you want your car to look.

Ultimately, your graphics should complement the look of your vehicle.

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Using your car to advertise your business

Consider the time you have to read a message on a passing car. It’s usually 2-3 seconds.

What part of your message will relay the information quickly? The name of your business? A statement about who you are or what you do? Or simply the web address?

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Make your message easy to understand

An image can grab attention and be interpreted quickly. Consider adding a short tagline.

Make the message concise. Keep it simple. Opt for a web address and include social icons. Direct your potential customers to the page(s) of information where they have time to absorb everything you want to say.

Think about how you want to convey your business to your market. Create your message for your ideal customer. What will you say to attract their attention?

If you prefer, use the rear windscreen only. Motorists have time to read the information when they’re sitting behind you.

Your car graphics are one part of your business marketing. Make sure they’re consistent with the rest.

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Custom car graphics

What do you want your car graphics to achieve?

Are the graphics for dividing or reducing the car’s colour? Is their purpose to make the vehicle appear streamlined? Is there a logo, badge, stripes, or emblem which has meaning to you or your car? Or do you want something to completely transform how the car looks?

Look at the shape of your car. Panel curves and angles will affect the shape of two-dimensional graphics.

Straight vinyl stripes applied to curved surfaces will cause the straight stripe to arc. Therefore, graphics have to be contoured to the shape of the panel. Or adjusted to make the graphics appear optically straight and match the two-dimensional shape.

Wrapping and moulding cut vinyl shapes over extreme curves will warp the original shape of the graphic. As well as distorting text or images. Consider the placement of the graphic at a size that complements the shape of the panel.

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Designing your car graphics

Less is more for a subtle car graphics design. A neat pinstripe can speak volumes. Or a simple band of colour across your windscreen. In addition, contrasting finishes like satin on top of gloss provide an understated look.

Want racy? Go wild. Take inspiration from race cars you’ve seen and graphics which appeal to you. Bold lines and high contrast will make your graphics pop.

I can design your car graphics following your consultation. Once I understand how you want the car to look, I’ll provide mock-ups for your approval. I can show you scaled samples and materials too.

Interior detailing is also available with a wide selection of innovative, textured vinyl.

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Which type of vinyl to use

There is a huge selection of off-the-shelf vinyl to choose from. Solid colour, metallic, mirror, pearlescent, iridescent, reflective, fluorescent, satin, matt, carbon fibre, and textured effects. As well as digitally printed gradients and images.

The expected life term and durability of vinyls vary. As well as their conformability. Not all vinyl can be successfully moulded over concave areas and remain in place. I’ll advise which type of vinyl is appropriate for the task and the life term to expect.

Establish a budget. Vehicle wrap vinyl and not-so-common finishes are more expensive than standard vinyl colours. Some materials distributors also have minimum orders for specific vinyl. Small quantities of speciality vinyl can soon cost a lot.

Once you know what you want and approve the artwork, I’ll provide you with a quote.

Vehicle body condition

Vinyl films are thin to allow the material to form over the surface. Therefore, some vinyl will not wholly hide stone chips, dents or major scuffs. In some cases, glossy films magnify panel defects.

Vehicle wrap vinyl is thicker than general signmaking vinyl. These types of vinyl are more likely to disguise panel defects when applied on top. The condition of the car panels has to be as smooth as possible to obtain optimum results.

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Car roof signs

Ideal for taxis, driving instructors, delivery companies, and roadside assistance. Car roof signs are attached with large magnets and should be removed regularly to avoid marking the paint.

To protect the paint from repeated on/off action, transparent vinyl is applied to the roof area. This can be removed when you end the term with your car.

In conclusion, your car can represent your business, providing cost effective advertising every day. It can also be customised as an extension of who you are.

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