This comprehensive page will help with your questions related to signs, vinyl, graphics and artwork.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact me by email or phone.


Do you hand paint signs?

I can paint signs and lettering with a brush, by hand. Visit here to learn more.

I can gild glass, signs, letters and vehicles with gold leaf and metal leaf. Visit here to learn more.

Since I was a boy. My father is a signwriter and coachpainter, so I grew up painting and lettering signs and vehicles with him. Read about us here.

There’s no set price for signwriting. Costs depend on your project specifications. Contact me for a quote.


What’s the best sign for my business?

Visit here and read my guide to make your sign work for you.

I design, manufacture, supply and install most types of signs. If I’m unable to provide your sign, I’ll try to refer you to someone who can. Get in touch to find out more.

Every sign I make or supply is made to order. Costs are determined by artwork design or set-up (if necessary), labour, materials, carriage, and quantity. Contact me for a quote.

Yes. I have the ability to install some types of signs and work with contractors to install larger signs and systems.

I can also advise how you can install your sign – just ask.

Always contact a qualified electrician for electrical signage. I don’t have the ability to wire electrical signs.

Unless specified as a temporary sign, I make signs with materials that withstand typical exterior conditions. Visit here to learn more about exterior signs longevity.

Visit the products guide. Choose your product. Contact me by phone or e-mail for advice and we can discuss the next stage.

Lead times vary and depend on my current workload, your approval of your artwork, the complexity of your project, materials availability, materials delivery, paint curing times (for painted signs), and weather conditions if your sign is exterior or requires installation. Contact me for more details.

Yes. Visit here to see design projects.

Does my sign need planning permission?

Like for like replacement signage does not often require planning permission. However, different local authorities have different regulations for signs.

If in doubt, always contact your local planning department or speak with your architect, project manager or landlord.

Yes. I can provide scaled drawings, materials specifications and samples. Contact me to discuss your project.

Vinyl graphics

Do you do stickers?

I supply all types of adhesive graphics. Visit here for details.

A comprehensive range of manufactured coloured vinyl is available from many vinyl distributors. Colours not manufactured in vinyl can be printed as close as practically possible to your colour reference.

Read this guide and learn how to remove vinyl graphics.

Adhesive vinyl’s durability ranges from short-term (< one year) up to ten years (manufacturers’ warranty). Learn more about vinyl graphics here.


How much does a logo cost?

I don’t set a price for designing logos and graphics. You can find out how I determine a price by contacting me.

Artwork setup and file proofing are necessary stages to produce your sign or graphics. It can involve editing your supplied artwork and preparing it before the production of your sign or graphics.

Artwork setup charges depend on the time I spend preparing your artwork for reproduction. You can avoid or lessen the artwork setup charge by following the instructions in the artwork setup guide.

Read this article.

I’ll replicate your artwork as close as practically possible or we can determine an alternative artwork solution.

Please respect copyright laws and provide your proof of ownership or permission of use from the original artwork author. Alternatively, you can purchase high quality images from several reputable online artwork libraries. Contact me for my recommendations.


Can you match my colours?

Colours are matched as close as practically possible. I advise asking for swatches or ordering colour samples for your project in advance. I’ve written extensively about colour management in signmaking. You will find information here.

Please provide CMYK, Pantone, British Standard, NCS or RAL colour references.

Do not provide RGB or HEX colour references.

Vehicle graphic

What do I need to do before bringing my vehicle to you for graphics?

Please approve your artwork design and my quote.

Please clean the vehicle ensuring it’s as dirt free as possible. Do not polish or wax the vehicle.

Generally, no. I occasionally partially wrap vehicles and will refer you to a company that can wrap your entire vehicle.

Due care and attention are essential when removing vinyl graphics from coated surfaces. Especially when using a heat tool and chemicals to remove the vinyl adhesive.

Your vehicle’s coating must be bonded adequately to the vehicle panel(s) to minimise the risk of vinyl removing the coating.

A ghost image/silhouette is often left on surfaces following the removal of long term, exterior vinyl graphics. Generally, the ghost image/silhouette can be removed by rejuvenating the surface with car polish.

The ghost image/silhouette is minimised by regularly maintaining the coated surface of your vehicle.


Are you insured?

Yes. I have public liability insurance. I’m not insured to drive your vehicle.

I’ve been around signmaking all of my life, as my dad is a signwriter and coachpainter. I started my career in signmaking officially at age fifteen following high school. You can learn more about us here.

I studied graphic design and communication at Dundee college in the late nineties/early noughties. I gained an HND.

Yes. I can source materials and make samples for your project. Contact me to discuss.

Of course. Get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Yes. But not nearly enough.

The sign and display sector is gradually providing more eco-friendly products. Contact me for more information.

You can pay me by cash or bank transfer.