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Hand lettered signs in Dundee’s Perth Road

Why choose hand lettered signs?

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Painted signs and letters have charm. They possess a characteristic that turns a generic looking sign into one with warmth and personality.

Bespoke, hand lettering adds appeal to signs and increases their memorability.

The craft in creating a hand lettered sign shows that the sign’s owner takes pride and interest in presenting their business’ identity. The business’ values are conveyed through this craft.

Colour matching is another advantage of hand lettering. Painted signs access a greater colour spectrum and consistency across areas where other signmaking materials won’t. This is especially beneficial for textured surfaces too.

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Types of hand lettered signs

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The appearance and durability of hand lettering are as good as the surface it’s painted on. Smooth surfaces provide neat finishes. Most smooth surfaces can be hand lettered with paints and gold leaf.

Textured surfaces are carefully hand lettered with paints and require extra attention.

Exterior stonework, painted masonry, and panels are often hand lettered directly. As well as wooden signs and facias for all types of purposes. Occasionally, primers or basecoats are required for hand lettering on bare metals, plastics, plasterboard, and high porous surfaces.

In addition, protective coatings can be applied to hand lettered sign panels. This ensures a durable product that can be easily rejuvenated.

Reverse painted signs on glass retain their brilliance for years. Especially when using gold leaf. Hand lettered windows present a myriad of opportunities for combining finishes and effects.

Hand lettered house signs

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Traditional hand lettering and gold leaf add personality to house signs. Turning standard names and numbers into pieces of art.

Pillars, lintels, and glass panes above doors complement the style of historic buildings. Signwriting custom lettering makes unique signs on stained wood, masonry, and engraved plaques. Commissioning these types of house signs creates a special point of interest for all types of buildings.

Hand lettering for vehicles

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Signwriting is popular for vintage restorations and pleasure vehicles. Especially for vintage vehicle owners visiting shows.

Commercial vehicles, motorbikes, and boats all benefit from a special touch of customisation. Enamels are used for greater durability on vehicles and can be lacquered on top for extra depth and protection.

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