Wall graphics

Wall graphics Dundee

One of three painted wall graphics in Dundee for Balgillo Nurseries.

Painted signs and graphics on walls

Wall graphics Broughty Ferry
Painted in Castle Green, Broughty Ferry.

Two main advantages of painting text and graphics on walls are colour matching and surface coverage.

Paints can be mixed into almost any colour in gloss, satin, or matt finish. With colour references, your brand identity or artwork will be closely matched. Painting graphics on walls is an obvious choice for matching other painted areas on your building too. Such as doors, window frames, and signs.

Rough and irregular surfaces can pose challenges for applying adhesive graphics. Especially when the surface is porous. Painting by hand enables more flexibility for cleaner edges than cut vinyl text or graphics.

Painted letters and murals are expressive, possessing charm and adding a human touch to concrete landscapes. They become a focal point in parks and leisure districts, as well as regenerating neglected areas.

Vinyl graphics applied to walls

Wall Lettering in Dundee Contemporary Arts
Vinyl lettering in Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Advantages of adhesive vinyl for regular graphics on walls and hoardings are accuracy, turnaround, and cost.

Self-coloured vinyl is popular for exhibitions and displays. Especially when there’s lots of small text. Using vinyl for short term events and promotions ensures a quicker turnaround in contrast to painted wall graphics.

Durable high tack vinyl can also be applied to textured surfaces, such as exterior brick, masonry, and stucco. Vinyl is heated onto the surface forming a permanent bond. This option is best suited for solid white text or graphics on dark backgrounds, unlike white paint which requires multiple coats.

Large format printed wall coverings

Wall graphics St Andrews
Vinyl graphics in Wardlaw Museum, St Andrews

Transform entire rooms with your design. Digitally printed graphics ensure the exact reproduction of your artwork at scale. Perfect for high impact displays.

Similar to wallpaper, printed adhesive graphics can be vertically applied. Semi-permanent vinyl leaves little to no residue on surfaces following removal of the graphics. This option is ideal for large scale graphics and photographic imagery.

To conclude, wall graphics will advertise your business, promote your event or become a landmark in your community. Think big and create something wonderful.

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