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Amid a rebrand in January 2022, Kaereen McKay contacted me for details of shop signs in Inverbervie. Kareen’s business, Kaer is located on the busy Kincardineshire high street on the northeast coast of Scotland.

We discussed Kaer’s market, the new branding, and the types of signage suitable for the brand identity. As well as installing the new signs and the project budget. Kaereen was interested in letters that stick out from the fascia. I described various materials options and different installation methods too.

Two weeks later, I visited the shop (about fifty miles from where I’m based in Dundee) and surveyed the signs.

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Planning the shopfront signs

When I visited in January 2022, the fascia panels were fixed to a backboard. We couldn’t determine the exact dimensions until the panels were removed. With photos, approximate sizes, and my notes of the existing shop fascia sign, I awaited the artwork.

Kaereen and I kept in touch. By the end of March, she sent me new brand guidelines. I provided options and quotes for replacing the fascia panels and contacted suppliers. Kaereen chose the background panels in a black satin finish and approved my quote.

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Stick out letters

The thick and thin strokes of the letters posed problems for manufacturing. Very thin strokes are too narrow to accurately attach returns on the face of the letters. Returns are the edges that give built-up letters their depth.

However, an alternative method to mimic built-up letters and shapes is to use a thick substrate or layers of substrates bonded together. Kaereen chose 19mm black foam PVC as the base layer. With a top layer of 10mm gloss white acrylic.

The contrasting colours and finishes would make the letters stick out more. Adding to the classy, understated character of the new shopfront.

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Installing the fascia sign

My Transit was loaded with my scaffold tower, the sign panels, and the flat cut letters. Arriving early on a Friday, I was eager to start the installation.

First of all, the plywood backboard was prepared. Old screws and wiring were removed from the plywood and then scraped until the surface was smooth. Due to the age of the fascia and the cement render above, the fascia was slightly curved.

Therefore, the three black panels had to be planed on each edge individually to ensure the fascia was covered neatly. The panels were fixed through the face, and over stickers disguised the screws.

I chose three panels rather than two halves for the new black fascia. This meant a vertical butted edge would be avoided in the middle of the flat cut letters.

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Adhering flat cut letters

A template is used to accurately position the flat cuts. Following a dry run, I was ready to glue them permanently.

For added peace of mind, I screw fixed the black foam PVC flat cuts. High bond tape was applied to the backs and I wanted to make sure they’d stay up there. The template was removed. It was time for the finishing piece.

The glossy white letters bonded tightly onto the base layer of black. With light maintenance, they’ll remain brilliant for years to come.

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