Signwriting The Beehive Crail

Hand painted signs in Fife village, Crail.

Hand painted signs in Fife
Signs installed in sunny Crail

A new lease of life

The Beehive is well known to locals in Crail – a small village in the East Neuk of Fife.

Centred on the High Street, the Georgian building has served the local community for decades. In early 2021, extensive renovations were underway.

Joanne and Iain Stewart own the former convenience store and have transformed the building through meticulous care.

Their new business offers locals and visitors coffee, cakes and ices. As well as focusing on an array of craft from near and far. Iain got in touch, and we spoke about his vision as the new custodian of The Beehive.

Hand lettering Fife
Hand lettered signs to complement the building

Hand painted signs create character

The listed building is located in a conservation area. Fife Council stipulate regulations for signs which consider the appearance and setting of listed buildings. The installation method was especially important due to the roughcast walls. In this case, painted plywood signs were preferred.

Signwriting in Fife is uncommon. However, the new identity deserved hand painted signs. Complementing The Beehive’s creative ethos and respecting the character of the building

Fife signwriter
Carefully writing books

Signs made to last

Joanne and Iain provided me with the dimensions, typeface and colour codes, as well as their logo.

I proposed options for manufacturing plywood panels. Complete with hardwood edge and rain cap, helping to protect and prolong the life of the plywood. Together with split batons for the two wall signs, which disguise the signs’ fixings and equally add depth.

Sign business Crail
The business end

In addition, a powder coated metal bracket was sourced. This would hang the logo on the projecting sign above the pavement.

Hanging signs Fife
The beautiful logo was designed by a friend of Joanne’s

Making signs together

Joanne and Iain approved my quote and we agreed on the lead time. Materials were ordered and I contacted John Rennie from Fifth Generation Joinery.

John and I collaborate on various signage projects. We’ve made and installed hand painted signs in Fife and Dundee for many years. John’s made countless signs. Each unique yet sharing the same high standards and robust lifespan.

Signwriting in Fife
The signs’ background colour matched to the masonry paint

Following the manufacture of the plywood signs, I brushed on ten coats of paint. The finish was matt, with a very soft sheen.

My father kindly helped with hand lettering the signs and speeding up production. We lettered the signs in one day with dark blue acrylic paint. Returning the following day with his smallest brushes for the little logos on the gable sign.

Hand lettered signs Fife
Small logos add character

A new chapter in Fife

After loading two Transits with scaffold and signs, John and I travelled to Crail on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Packing the signs’ fixings on the uneven surface took time. John carefully levelled the batons, ensuring the wall signs would slip into position the first time.

Installed by late afternoon, locals and curious visitors shared Joanne and Iain’s delight.

‘The craftsmanship, care and attention to detail from you, your dad and John is very much appreciated and there have been so many positive comments from locals this week which is the icing on the cake’, said Iain.

The signs’ journey had ended. But started a new chapter for the building, and Joanne and Iain’s new business.

Painted signs Crail
A creative hub for Fife

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